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Ang WOZmara ay isang pangunahing kumpanya ng advertising media sa UK.

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Since 2010

Wozmara Company Profile

WOZmara is one of the UK’s leading media companies, based in the UK’s capital city of London, and is part of the WOZ Entertainment Co. WOZmara (hereafter WOZ) is one of the UK’s most influential media platforms, working with many companies including the BBC, FaceBook, Trafford Centre, Fosse, Walmart and other shopping malls, office buildings and commercial homes. Over the years, in order to help companies improve their reputation and actively engage with mainstream local businesses, it has provided a full range of branding services for global business development in addition to helping to provide content for online businesses, and has created a multi-level interactive platform for business and cultural exchange activities in the UK.  

CEO Interview

In an interview with John Braut, the launch of the WOZ platform will open up another direction for the company, creating a unique, globally integrated multimedia business group that will showcase a new information service globally and in Asia Pacific through social media, web, and radio.

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Wozmara How to earn income

WOZ has signed a 10-year commercial agreement with 24 other top media outlets. 

WOZ agencies are rewarded with 5% of the advertising fees given to our company by the commercial groups and receive additional income by simply purchasing advertising machines through WOZ.

Diversified revenue model

  1. We give the user a free advertising machine and the rest is paid according to the package chosen by the agent.
  2. Become our agent, the platform in order to expand business needs, the platform decided to put out £ 30 million for the whole market to promote publicity, for help to promote the agent we will give different rewards, specific rewards please refer to the “platform income

How to apply for WOZ Asia Pacific agent

  1. Be familiar with the market development, have your own friends and social circle.
  2. Download our application and go through one-on-one training with your supervisor.
  3. Buy different advertising machines to get different revenues.
  4. Platform revenue will be credited to your account.
  5. Familiarise yourself with the process of placing embodied, promotional and other aspects of the platform.